AJ Parker

A rambunctious boy with an unending curiosity about the world and how it works. AJ loves video games, art, and going on adventures with his life-long best friend, Magnus.  While his intentions may be good, his actions often leave him grounded.

Magnus Parker

AJ’s partner in crime and occasional voice of reason, Magnus likes to give AJ a hard time but is ultimately always there for him.  In addition to venturing with AJ, Magnus also has his own battle with the squirrels in the backyard who are always stealing his food.

Alex Parker "Dad"

The stay-at-home dad wound a little tight and sometimes a little overdramatic; Alex tends to be the parent with the most mature approach to the situation at hand.  He has to maintain a sense of humor to give him the patience to deal with the results of his son's adventures.

John Parker "Pop"

The working parent who often travels for work. He loves the quality time he gets to spend with his family and tends to indulge a little too often in child-like shenanigans with AJ. Pop's approach to parenting, while humorous, is untraditional to say the least.

Ebony Adams

She’s your typical eight-year-old on appearance but she hides the fact that she’s indeed a super genius.  It's through her inventions and experiments that AJ and Magnus have some of their greatest adventures.

"Loca" Sevilla

Self-proclaimed “top of the food chain”, she goes by her nickname “Loca” to enforce her tough image.  Her real name is embarrassing and she’ll do anything to keep that a secret.  Previously a bully, she and AJ have become unlikely friends with humorous results.

Denise Adams

Neighbor, mother and dedicated Surgeon, Denise is a loving single parent who works hard to make sure her daughter gets everything she didn’t have growing up.  Denise is easy going but no pushover; she lays down the law when needed.  She strongly believes in organization and discipline.

Miss Naparella

The teacher with sass who believes teaching is best with a healthy dose of sarcasm and a splash of cynicism.  She’s hopeful for the future and helps where she can but also accepts the truths about today's youth as well.

Rob and Mary

Claiming the back yard and everything in it as their own, Rob and Mary find themselves in an endless battle of the wits with Magnus over the territory and even his food!

Aunt Rochelle "The Roach"

John’s sister and professional moocher, Rochelle is always unwelcome yet seems to find time to visit often.  She’s lazy, disrespectful and never misses an opportunity to get something for free.  She's the very definition of perpetual victim and often the target of AJ and Magnus’ practical jokes.

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